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We are Excited to Announce our SoapBox  Membership Program

Our SoapBox Membership gives you the choice of our entire line of pure, natural, refreshing Soaps!

Choose your Desired Soap and each month you will receive your soap plus a free gift,  packed in our Signature SoapBox each month. 

What do you get inside your SoapBox?

1st Shipment:   The Amazing Soap Net

2nd Shipment: Bubbling bath salts

3rd Shipment:  lip balm

4th Shipment:  Lavender Sachet

5th Shipment:  bubble bar

6th Shipment:  trial size of new scent. 

After the 6th Shipment the Gifts will be Random.

How do we Charge?

We offer two options:

1: Pay $12 Monthly & cancel anytime

2: Pay for the Whole Year up front for $122.40   That is 15% OFF!

How long until you receive your First Shipment?

Within 3 days of you placing your Order we will ship your First SoapBox

The contents will include: The first soap you selected and an Your FREE Gift.

If you decide to cancel we would hate to see you go, but your satisfaction is very important to us. 

We will only charge you for the the current month.

Disputes or Problems

If you are not pleased with your product please let us know ASAP and we will work to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

If you need Assistance please visit our Support Center

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