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My Story: 

I'm often asked how I got into Soap-making. As with most journeys it's full of twists and turns.

But the fact is, I have always enjoyed hand making gifts for others. Some years ago, I made Bath Gift Baskets. I had a blast making Bath milks, Bath bombs and beginner Melt & Pour Soap. I did that for a very short while and it was satisfying because it did help people reduce chemicals they were using.

As with most things in my life, I wasn't content for long when I realized I could make my OWN natural soap from scratch! I decided IF I was really going to do this, I was going to dig in and research until I was certain I was making the absolute BEST.

It became obvious the best products for your skin includes all that nature has to offer, especially Locally sourced, organic Goat Milk. I practiced, produced and received feedback from my customers about their experiences.


That was it! I was hooked.  After 27 years as a Healthcare Administrator, I wanted more, more joy, more fulfillment and still feed my nature to help others. I've learned it’s truly OK to give back to yourself once in a while! Leaving the corporate world and stress behind I jumped in full speed ahead. The result is truly rewarding, helping others AND doing something I am passionate about. The beautiful thing about soap making is there is ALWAYS more to learn, I love that!

I hope you will be a part of my journey! It's amazing! 


My motivation comes from your comments like this:

  •  "I’ve loved all of your products & would hate to go back to store bought. I think my skin has gotten better in the last year or however long I’ve been ordering from you." 2/2020 ️️️ 

  • "These soaps are wonderful! They not only feel so great on the skin, they smell yummy and are beautiful. ALSO the body butter is the BOMB!! Best goat milk soaps I have ever used!" 12/2019

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