Body Wash ZEN Essential Oil blend

This is a Goat Milk based liquid Shower Soap! Pile it on your shower pouf for BIG lather that leaves your skin soft and silky. Walking out of the shower your mind is clear, energized and ready to take on the day! 

One customers reaction was; "It was like I could smell a new part of the fragrance during my shower".  Another said; "I love the shower cream. The scent is amazing and it makes my skin feel soft and silky. I love it." 

Goat Milk has Tryglycerides & Vit E to Repair and enhance elacticity. Naturally exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids, intensely hydrating repair for dry skin. With a lush, silky lather and Vitamins A & D to repair and renew damaged skin, B6 & B12 and much more. It is the top pick for moisturizing with Natural Oils. 

Body Wash ZEN Essential Oil blend




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