• Joyce

Your Hands... They hold wisdom and strength!

I look down at my hands and I can see my age.

At first it bothered me, then I realized they look like My Mother's hands and that made me smile! Now I see...

  • Hands that--spent as a young girl climbing trees and in the garden dirt helping my Mother, learning all the lessons a great Mom teaches her daughter.

  • Hands that--as a married woman, packing all we owned, moving away in search of MORE...

  • Hands that--held my babies for the first time, feeding, bathing and loving them.

  • Hands that--cleaned, did laundry, cooked thousands of meals, packed diaper bags a hundred times and dried MY own tears as they went off to school for the first time.

  • Hands that--nervously held the steering wheel years later, alone & driving myself back home where I belonged when "More" didn't work out.

  • Hands that--painted my OWN house and worked to make a good life for my children and I.

  • Hands that--later fed, bathed and loved my Mom as her years here were ending.

  • Hands that--now helped my wonderful husband build our dream cabin together.

  • Hands that--now get to hold all our grandbabies!

So if my hands look a little "well-used" I'm OK with that, now my hands get to make things to help you have healthier skin, some with dryness from serious skin conditions or maybe just to start your day in a healthier way.

Your hands--hold their own wisdom and YOUR own story.

  • Now is the time to GIVE BACK to ourselves.

  • Now is the time to pay attention to what WE need.

  • Now is the time to realize WE deserve good skin care.

Now is the time to pay attention to what OUR Hands, Body & Spirit need!

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