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It Takes A Village

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

As the manager of Yorktown Farmers Marketplace this year I have met some amazing people, expanding my horizons is an understatement. One of those "horizons" connected me with someone who was starting a brand new Frankton Town Market where there had never been one before! She's fantastic all on her own but we all need help a whole market off the ground.

So within my vendor group I asked for volunteers to be a sub-group. We are It Takes A Village.

We packed up our wares and headed to Frankton, IN to be vendors on their opening day!

I think we vendors had as much fun as the customers! It was a long awaited sunny, pleasant temperature day and the people of the town came out-big time!

We were all so busy all day long and I met the most kind and wonderful people! One little girl had a dry skin/allergy issues and she'd been scratching her legs and arms right in front of me. Her Mom and I discussed the Essential Oil Body butter and she wanted to give it a try. So we rubbed on her arms and legs, in about 2 minutes I asked; "still itchy?" she thought for a second, smiled and said "Nope"! That made my day! I mean that is why I do this! To make the best products I can that help exactly those issues.

Another little girl fell in love with my strawberry soap, they didn't have a lot so in a bit she came back with a fist full of coins wanting to know if she had enough to buy that bar of strawberry soap! So cute! So we negotiated (sort of :- ) and she was able to take home her beloved bar, I know it will be so good for her skin, she just knew she wanted strawberry! Ha. I met people from the community there and made connections we will all remember! it was such a great day of just doing what I do and enjoying the people around me. What a blessing to really connect and have a positive impact in some small way. The journey continues!

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