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I wish I had listened to my Mom!

There are a lot of things our mothers "tried" to teach us, right? Oh how we loved to appear as if we paid no attention!!! 

As we get older that voice comes back doesn't it?  Too many times to discuss in this post for certain! One thing she told me was to take good care of my skin. Of course I was sure I'd have my young, great skin forever.    

Now, in my fifties, I wish I had listened and put into practice all her advice. (not just about my skin, LOL) But there is good news! Its not too late! 

I changed my skin care routine about 2 years ago. It took doing my own research into the Good, Bad and the Ugly about what's out there. (Oh there is that stubborn head of mine, had to find out on my own!, ha) 

Last night, I was making a fresh batch of Body Butter and decided it was time for a chat.  

Melting the purest Cocoa & Shea Butter, adding Coconut & Jojoba oils and finally skin loving essential oils makes this the best thing you can 'give back" to your skin from what the  

years and environment has stolen! It's not made in a lab or a huge factory. It's made here in my soap shop, each batch hand blended and packaged by me so I know exactly what's in it.

Most importantly I know what isn't-chemicals-none! 

I can't tell you in words the amazing way this makes your skin feel. It's one of those things you truly have to TRY to believe. I will tell you a secret (this hasn't happened to me in 10 years!)

I had a customer look at me in the middle of our chat and say; "you have beautiful skin!"

I mean I knew it was better but I didn't realize anyone else noticed!

I thanked her but in my head I was saying;  "Thanks Mom!" 

Even better than what Mom told me? Great skin care is simple to do and quick to get into your own hands!  

All it takes is a shower with pure handmade, moisture rich soap with magical goat milk and cream, followed with head-to-toe Body Butter!  You will feel the difference that moment! Not weeks from now, however the longer you use this routine it just keeps on giving back!  

So if you didn't listen to Mom back it now, it's never too late! 

Grab a bar, or a Soap-Stack and a jar of body butter right here!

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