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Get help you need for dry wintery skin!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

10 quick things you can do right now to help that winter skin!

1. Start with your Shower

Avoid really hot water and use products that will not strip your skin of it’s natural oils giving you a gentle cleansing. Drop the store bought, detergent based, Shower gels and soap bars! Use natural body wash or soap with plant-based oils as the first ingredients. Like our Sudzing Liquid Shower Cream or Handmade soap both rich in moisturizing oils and fresh Goat Milk.

2. Use a thicker moisturizer in the winter

After your shower, use a soft towel to pat skin dry and apply hydration. Use a lotion or butter that's thicker than what you use in the summer. Try our pure Shea & Cocoa Body Butter with healing Lavender.

3. Moisturize several times a day

It's important to slather yourself in moisturizer in the morning and before sleeping. Before your jammies, apply hydrating body butter from head to toe!

4. Wash your face once a day

In the winter, keep this to a minimum so you don't dry out your skin. Use our natural Tea Tree & Charcoal facial bars. It is not oil stripping and will leave your skin balanced. Follow with water-less formulas like Shea and oils that soften skin.

5. Change up your toner.

Use a natural product like Witch Hazel to remove excess dirt or make up without drying and Chemical free!

6. Exfoliate in moderation

The last thing raw, dehydrated, winter-worn skin needs is a harsh, abrasive scrub or peel.

7. Humidify your home

The heat that keeps you warm in your home is also very drying.

9. Drink up!

Proper hydration is directly related to skin cell regeneration, Sip juices, water, & teas.

10. Don't forget the lips!

When you apply your face and body moisturizers smooth on a coat of our creamy lip balm to fend off chapping. But not all lip balms are created equal, check out the natural oils, butters and pure beeswax to seal in moisture in our lip balm.

Stay Moisturized my friends! You will be happier!

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